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Artist & Dealer

Dealers and Artists FAQ


When do applications open?

Applications for KokoroCon 2024 are now closed and all applicants have been emailed.


How much are tables?

Artist table: £98 each

Dealers table: £136 each

Assistant ticket: £45 one per order


How big are the tables?

Dealers tables: 6x2.5 feet

Artist tables: 4x2.5 feet


Can I have more than one table?

Yes, you may have up to three tables per trader, but please be aware that we are limited on space so this may affect whether or not we accept your application. If you would be happy to have fewer tables than submitted then please include this in the free type box at the end of your application.


Is this a first come, first served?

No, this is an application process. All applications will be reviewed after the closing date of July 15th.


What should I include in my application?

We are looking to offer a variety of products in our dealers hall. The more variety in your products, the more likely you are to be selected.


When will I find out if I'm successful?

All applications will be notified via email on August 5th as to whether they were successful or not.


How do I pay?

Successful applicants will receive an invoice in their notification email with payment details included.


I already have a general entry ticket. Will this affect my application?

No, your general entry ticket will be deducted from your table price. This also applies if your assistant has already bought a ticket.


What's included in the table?

Both dealers and artists table prices include one dealers ticket per order and the option to purchase one reduced price additional ticket for your assistant.

If you have any questions about dealers or artists not answered above then please contact

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