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Bring & Buy 

KokoroCon Bring and Buy


Have you got goods to sell but don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself?


Well then we have a solution, let us sell it! Make some money and perhaps even grab yourself a bargain too.


Of course we don’t have space to sell everything so this will be limited to Japanese, anime or game related items. Ie your secret beanie baby stash or one direction mugs etc will not be accepted.


We also will not sell Damaged goods, incomplete items (unless clearly labeled), Dangerous items or soiled items (please keep your manky old body pillow at home)


If it fits the criteria we are happy to sell it for you*


A 10% fee will be taken from each sale and donated to our charity of choice

*staff will have the final say on if an item is eligible to be accepted.


Drop off, pick up and opening times


Bring and buy will be open for drop off on Friday between 14:00 and 17:00 There will also be a very limited drop off Saturday 11:00 to 12:00 unless it is quiet we will not accept any drop offs once the room has opened for sales.


Sales will be open Saturday 12:00 until 17:00 and Sunday 11:00 until 14:00


Pick ups will be processed Sunday from 11:00 until 16:00


All items not collected by the designated close of the room on the final day will be considered donated to the event.


The Rules


All items for sale must be entered on the forms provided below by clicking the buttons. Only 1 form will be accepted for each category and items must be on the correct forms e.g no DVDs on the miscellaneous form.


All items will be accepted or declined based on the above criteria, staff members' decisions will be final and we reserve the right to turn away any item we consider to be not in keeping with the event. Any declined items must be removed from the form and taken away from the bring and buy room.


All items are left at the owners risk, we will not be held responsible for loss/damage.


Hand made items are acceptable but must be labeled as such. Any jewellery must have the base metals listed


Stickers must be affixed prior to the event as we will only have a very limited amount available on the day for emergencies.


Adult items are acceptable as long as they match the criteria set out for what is allowed above. (These will be kept separate from other items on display)


Monies made will be returned on the final day less our charity deduction during open hours. Please bring ID with you.


Returns will only be accepted if the item drastically doesn’t meet the description.



Please download and print the forms relating to what you are selling, using the below buttons. Forms will be available on the day, but it will make things quicker and easier if done beforehand. 

There will be a limited number of forms to fill out on the day also

Should you have any questions 


kokoro round.png

Advice for the filling out of forms and labeling of Bring and buy items.


Please only fill in the bring and buy Id number box, item number, description and price boxes on the forms. The rest are to be left blank. 


Please try to make descriptions as precise as possible so items are easier to distinguish. Simply putting anime keyring 10 times is not sufficient.


Please ensure items are on the correct form.


Please ensure the item number on the stickers matches the item number on the form. 


All stickers must have your bring and buy number circled clearly as in the example shown. The item number and price must also be clearly shown.


Please ensure stickers are affixed firmly as any items that have lost their stickers will be removed from sale and placed in a box of such items until collection. Likewise, if you are selling multiple items together for example manga, please ensure these are bound well as split items will also be removed from sale. 


You can apply in advance for your bring and buy Id number in order to streamline the check-in service and save yourself time on the day by sending your Name and badgename to and we will reply with your number to place on your forms and stickers.

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