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Code of Conduct

How should a gopher behave?


Be polite to everyone around you. As a gopher you are representing not only yourself but the convention and the committee. You are our eyes and ears on the floor. But you need to contact a head gopher or committee member for any serious behavior or actions. 


Be helpful


Whilst you are gophering, you will be asked various questions. Where are the events?, where are the rooms and events taking place etc. By carrying a timetable and a map, you will be able to answer these questions by attendees. Always be polite when answering questions and, if you’re not sure, direct them to the ops desk.


Time Keeping


Be there. Arrive early. By arriving late, this could have a knock off effect for running events and setting up or tearing down events. By having good timekeeping, it will help keep everything running smoothly. Remember, “Early is on time. On-time is late”


Ask for help


If you are in doubt, give us a shout. There is nothing wrong with asking for help or asking a question you are unsure of.  By asking the head gopher or a senior for help or advice is the right thing to do. 


Moving about


Now in some cases you will be asked to help move and clear rooms for events. Remember to ask for trolleys whenever possible, we do not want anyone hurting themselves or being overly confident when lifting large stacks of chairs. Think before lifting at all times, even if it's something small.Lift with the knees! not with the back!


Please be aware that all gophers must accept responsibility for their own actions. If a gopher acts out of line or does not follow the rules then we have the right to revoke your privileges.

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