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31st March - April 1st

Tickets go on sale 31st May

Hi All

Update on COVID as many of you have been asking if things are going to change now restrictions have eased.

In short, many of our initial restrictions will still be in place but with a few alterations. So much of this will be the same as our previous post.

-We will require proof of double vaccination or an exemption letter from a GP upon registration.

-A negative LFT result or proof of vaccination card is also acceptable.

We advise guests in the week leading up to KokoroCon to be mindful so you’ll be able to attend with no problems.

If you are arriving at the convention early on Thursday, please be aware that we won’t have full official hire of the venue at this time and therefore can’t enforce COVID rules further than the hotel’s own policies.

However, we would still recommend that if you feel uncomfortable, then please wear a mask.

Sanitisation stations will be available throughout the venue, which we encourage you to use regularly.

Masks will be optional, but we would ask you to please use your common sense.

Please remember that there will be attendees who are at risk, have at risk family members/friends, or are generally very nervous about attending a large event again after so long isolating the past couple of years and of course there will be many of you there!. We want everyone to feel comfortable at this convention.

We do understand that the rules may disappoint some guests, but we are doing everyone in our power to make KokoroCon fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Along with reducing the risk of COVID, this should also reduce the risk of con flu in general!

As an added note, please remember this is an event for 18 and overs, when you signed up you agreed that you would be of age by the time of the event. Upon coming to registration we will check your ID and if you are under 18 then you will be denied entry and escorted off the premises.

Please be responsible and have common sense throughout the event.

Just over 2 weeks to go. Now let's make it enjoyable for everyone!

Any further questions, please let us know.


The Kokoro Committee

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Hi folks

KokoroCon is fast approaching so we are working away behind the scenes and preparing for the future!  In the mean time, here are a few updates 


We are no longer accepting any submissions for dealer and artist table, as these went incredible quickly and sold out back in April!  Anyone who sends a submission now will be putting on to a waiting list!


We are still actively on the lookout for people who would like to help out the event, so if you think you could bring an extra something to our gophers, then please sign up! If you are currently on our waiting list then we will fast track you should your gopher application be successful.

Sign up HERE

Talent Show

We have had a few Talent show submissions so far which is great considering we still have some time to go before the event! But we still need more! So if you think you have what it takes to win the Kokoro Talent show trophy, then sign up now!

Sign up HERE!


Cosplay Catwalk

We have a good amount of signups for our cosplay catwalk, but we still want more! regardless if you have made your costume or not, we want to give you all an opportunity to sport your amazing cosplays and become the character you want to be and strut your stuff on stage!

Sign up HERE!

Event Submissions

WE have received a great number of event submissions thus far! So if you are still interested in hosting a panel at Kokoro, then make you submit your form asap!

Do it HERE!



T-shirts are still on sale... for now! We will be closing t-shirt sales late January, we will NOT be selling them at the event. 
So if you would like to get a hold of our amazing KokoroCon T-shirt to be picked up on the day, then head on over to our shop


The Kokoro Committee 

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Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran, the Kokoro Cosplay Catwalk is a chance to showcase your cosplay and talent, but most importantly have fun!

Entry Requirements: Do you like to cosplay? If the answer is YES then you are eligible.

There will be no pre-selection or judging.

We want to celebrate you and the art of cosplay. Participants will be given up to 60 seconds to strut their stuff on the main stage.

You may be filmed or photographed during the Cosplay Catwalk, and KokoroCon may wish to use your image for advertising and promotional purposes. By applying you give consent for this.



Is this a competition?
No. We know it has been some time since we have been able to cosplay at events and we want to celebrate every single one of you on our Cosplay Catwalk.

Will there be a prize?
You’re all winners in our eyes and this is just for fun!

Can I participate with a bought cosplay?
Yes. We welcome everyone whether it’s fully handmade, altered, commissioned or store bought.

Are props allowed?
Yes. Please see our Prop & Weapon rules under our Cosplay Guidelines.

Can I cosplay my Original Character?
Yes. Any character, including Original Characters may participate.

Can I register with a group?
Yes. Groups are allowed.

If you have  a question, send an email over to

The Kokoro Committee 

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The Official KokoroCon 2022 T-Shirt

Take a look at the official KokoroCon 2022 T-shirt which has been designed by PandaLovesBamboo

If you had not yet purchased a T-Shirt then you can do so buy visiting our shop HERE

You can pick up your T-shirt upon registration at KokoroCon 2022



Thanks for your continued support

PS. big thank you to Lydia, for modeling the T-shirt!

The Kokoro Committee 

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Hi All!

I would like to announce that The Heart Of Gaming will be running our gaming room!

HOG will be bringing some retro and new arcade machines and consoles for you all to enjoy! You may even see some Japanese machines there too!

Heart of Gaming is a fantastic gaming arcade based in Croydon which is open to the public once again from 17th May. So if you live in or near London please do check them out as they are fantastic! Be sure to check out their new Project Diva and Maimai machines too!

If you want to know more about HOG and see what machines they could potentially be bringing to Kokoro, please visit their Facebook page

The Heart Of Gaming or website

We hope you look forward to playing on some of the fantastic machines that they will be bringing!

As always, stay safe and keep well

The Kokoro Committee 

kokoro round.png

We are extremely pleased to officially announce KokoroCon 2022 which will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Nottingham on the 1st-3rd April 2022 for ages 18 and over! KokoroCon aims to bring con veterans and new congoers to the con scene and build a community and make more friends than ever before!

The world has been hard on many of us in recent times. Many of us feeling lonely and not seeing those most dear to us, so we really want to give you all something to look forward to! We will all be back in a place that makes us feel comfortable, hugging our friends, playing video games and watching some amazing panels and performances! 

We will also be launching our own discord channel to start chatting to those with common interests sooner rather than later!

We completely understand that KokoroCon is quite some time away yet, but that just gives us more time to prepare and put on an amazing event for all to enjoy

Tickets will be limited to just 550 people! So make sure you sign up and are ready for when tickets go on sale!

We will also have a special Discord link in your members' section for you to click and join when it is up and ready!


KokoroCon is a brand new convention with an experienced team launching April 1st-3rd 2022. Our priority is creating a warm, fun and welcoming environment for convention newbies and veterans alike. Whether your interests lie more in cosplay, anime, videogames, board games, merch buying or listening to guests and panelists talk expertise – there’s plenty for you to enjoy all across the weekend!  

There are many updates to come, so make sure you keep your eyes open on this website and on our Facebook and twitter pages!

Be sure to sign-up to the site for access to the Kokoro Discord!

Thanks for your continued support!

All the best.

The Kokoro Committee 

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We take safeguarding very seriously at Kokoro and will make sure that our attendee's safety is our top priority.

Please see our safeguarding section for more info


Free Parking at the venue for all those that purchase a ticket to KokoroCon 2022!



Please note, that to attend KokoroCon you must bring valid ID and be aged 18 or over

Keep Updated


...and even if you don't love us, sign up anyways its free 

Thanks for submitting!

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