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Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran, the Kokoro Cosplay Catwalk is a chance to showcase your cosplay and talent, but most importantly have fun!

Entry Requirements: Do you like to cosplay? If the answer is YES then you are eligible.

There will be no pre-selection or judging.

We want to celebrate you and the art of cosplay. Participants will be given up to 60 seconds to strut their stuff on the main stage.

You may be filmed or photographed during the Cosplay Catwalk, and KokoroCon may wish to use your image for advertising and promotional purposes. By applying you give consent for this.

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Is this a competition?
No. We know it has been some time since we have been able to cosplay at events and we want to celebrate every single one of you on our Cosplay Catwalk.

Will there be a prize?
You’re all winners in our eyes and this is just for fun!

Can I participate with a bought cosplay?
Yes. We welcome everyone whether it’s fully handmade, altered, commissioned or store bought.

Are props allowed?
Yes. Please see our Prop & Weapon rules under our Cosplay Guidelines.

Can I cosplay my Original Character?
Yes. Any character, including Original Characters may participate.

Can I register with a group?
Yes. Groups are allowed.

If you have  a question, send an email over to

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