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In order for us to run the best event possible, we sometimes need help from wonderful people such as yourself! 

Some people like to get involved as much as they can and want to volunteer for the whole event! Some may just want to help out for the day! Either one is completely fine and we would love you to come on board and help us!

Please see the gopher section for more info!

We are also very aware that people like to run their own events. Whether that be from hosting a panel about food in Japan, a game show or even a video game tournament! 
Well, we invite you to run your own event at KokoroCon.

Keep an eye out for when submission forms go live!

Artist & Dealers Table Applications - All applicants have been emailed

Gopher Applications - August 1st 2023 Apply Here

Event Submissions - 15th September 2023 Apply Here

Cosplay Catwalk Applications - 1st October 2023 Apply Here

Talent Show Applications - 8th October 2023 Apply Here

DJ Applications - 15th October 2023 Apply Here

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