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How to request a refund

Please email with the subject “Refund Request”. You must be sure to include in the email itself:

  • Your full name

  • Badge name

  • Registration ID number

Please note that KokoroCon can only refund you for your ticket – for refunds regarding accommodation, you will have to speak to your accommodation provider directly (e.g. The Crowne Plaza Hotel). Their refund policies may differ from ours.


Refund amount and details

A £3.00 admin charge will be issued for all refunds. If you wish to transfer your ticket to someone else instead, there will be a £5 admin charge to do so.


Once within a year of the event, partial refunds will be issued depending on how close to the event it is requested.

  • 6-12 months before the event - 80% refund. (This will be 29th May 2023 – 30th September 2023)

  • 1-5 months before the event – 50% refund. (This will be 1st October 2023 –26th February 2024)


Ticket transfers You can request for your ticket to be transferred to someone else by contacting our Registrations Officer at All transfers need to be done this way to ensure details are correct on our system and that ID can be verified at registration. Simply handing your ticket to someone else will result in them being denied entry, as their ID will not match the original registration details. All transfers incur a £5 admin fee. We will no long be able to carry out a transfer from Friday 15th March 2024.


Please note, refunds will not be given from Monday 26th February 2024.

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