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We take safeguarding very seriously here at KokoroCon. Being strict on harassment means everyone can have fun in an environment where they feel safe to let loose! Our team is dedicated to making sure the event is as safe as possible and that should any issues arise, they are tackled immediately and effectively.

Harassment is unwanted behaviour which makes you feel intimidated or humiliated. It can happen
on its own or alongside other forms of discrimination (such as racial, religious or misogynistic
comments). Unwanted behaviour could be obvious (such as cases of assault or groping), or more
subtle (constantly invading personal space, stalking around the con or belittling comments about

We’ve made it really easy to report any issues – there are relevant numbers on the back of all con
badges that you can call and/or text any time, day or night. You can also report directly to any of our

gophers, who will be able to help you out in the moment and escalate the situation to our team if

If you are being harassed, threatened, assaulted or see someone else dealing with the same
things, you must bring it to a staff member’s attention. DO NOT compromise your safety or
anyone else’s because you think it’ll resolve itself. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If we receive a complaint about anyone- attendee, committee or guest- we will take note of it and
begin disciplinary procedures immediately.

For less serious offences (particularly where it seems to stem from a misunderstanding and there is
genuine remorse shown), a strict warning will be issued, but for more serious offences there is the
risk of being banned and removed from the convention.

In these latter cases, a ban is likely to be a lifetime ban unless we can be given good cause to lift it
(and all safety and harassment concerns are satisfied).

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