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We have many things planned for KokoroCon! Here are just a few things of what to expect...


We will have a variety of panels run by both guests and volunteers! 

Want to get a little hands-on? These workshops are run by our wonderful volunteers on all sorts of

We have some great performers lined up for you! Be it music, comedy or watching fellow attendees in our talent show, there’s no end of entertainment in store!

We will have both a Dealer’s Room and an Artist’s Alley – the Dealer’s room is where you can find
the latest anime merch, figures,
 manga and an all manner of other things to drain your pockets of
your hard-earned cash, whereas the Artist’s Alley has stalls lined with the small businesses in the

community-based on both original art and fan art alike! They often sell their own merchandise and
handmade goods too.

Our gaming room will have a range of consoles and arcade machines to play on! Some of them more modern than others, you can either play more recent multiplayer games like Smash Bros.


Let's kick it old school! For all those who enjoy sitting down and enjoying some good old fashioned board games or even Trading card games, then we will have plenty available for you to play! Or even feel free to bring your own!

What’s a convention without some awesome parties? With music going into the early hours of the
morning, you can cut loose at the end of the day - glowsticks and body paint optional!
If parties aren’t really your thing, you might still enjoy our Kokoro Ball – get dressed up in formal
wear/cosplay for an evening and waltz your heart away!

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